Cast Steel, Bronze & Iron Gate, Globe and Check Valves


Sleeved Plug, Butterfly, Ball, Lined Valves & Actuators



Special Applications:

- HF Sleeved Plug valves (UOP/Phillips Approved):


- Jacketed Sleeved Plug Valves (Sulfur Services, etc.):

- Lined Valves for Corrosion Services:

- Actuators and Automation:

Gate, Globe and Check Valves for HF Acid Services (UOP/Phillips Approved).

Wedge Plug Metal-Metal Seat Valves for Severe

Services in Coker Plants, Ethylene Plants, FCC

Plants. Pressure Seal Valves.


Corrosion Resistant Gate, Globe, Ball and Check Valves

Polymeric Lined Pipes Fittings and Valves using PTFE, PFA, Tefel ETFE, Kynar PVDF and Polypropylene.



Krombach is best known for its unique ability to manufacture large quarter turn valves including fabricated butterfly valves, triple offset valves, and check valves.

WTA’s Bellows Sealed Globe Valves and its wide range of products are extensively specified and in service around the world. 

WTA is committed to offering its customers high quality products backed by extensive technical knowledge. Quality is WTA’s foremost core value and is supported by flexibility and reliability.

When your piping system requires pump and compressor protection, specify the Noz-Chek® high peformance, non-slam check valve.

This valve minimizes the damaging effects of water hammer in fluid systems and eliminates valve chatter associated with conventional valves in reciprocating compressor service. The flow area is designed to provide minimal pressure drop across the valve. Noz-Chek valves provide a quick dynamic response, reducing reverse velocity.