We are focused on bringing integral consulting services, helping to identify the needs of our customers to ensure solutions that bring economic values and investment returns. We offer a wide range of solutions:

Chesterton Sealing System for high thermal cycle gaskets with up to a 2 year  guaranty for maximum reliability free of leakage.


We offer a wide range of Chesterton mechanical seals for rotating equipment such as pumps, agitators and mixers.

Also, we offer high-performance polymer seals that are designed for use in a broad range of hydraulic, pneumatic, and rotating equipment. 

Our services offer a wide range of standardized polymeric seals designed for specific applications to offer optimal value.

We also offer a broad range of lubricants, cleaners, and MRO technologies to help our customers in their everyday work, offering high performance solutions for maintenance and repair operations.



We provide products to optimize process reliability, maximize up-time, extend equipment life, and lower total operating costs.

Our solutions include Chesterton’s ARC coating providing superior performance against erosion, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack. We provide solutions to solve the problems when cement or metal surfaces are subject to aggressive industrial application environments.

We provide integral repair of equipment ( bombs, compressors, thermal Exchangers and gadgets among others ) where different technologies are combined:

Chesterton: Fluid Sealing plus Lubrication plus ARC Coating.

Xomox: Teflon valves.

Crane Resistoflex: Teflon Pipes and accessories.





Optimization of fluids systems engineering,  substituting conventional gadget technologies by new designs guaranteeing high performance sealing and minimum maintenance though Xomox Tufline and Pacific Valves. 

Design services and consulting for Pipe Systems and Gadgets to corrosive fluids handling.

Field Survey, creation of plans and isometric drawings and technical consulting on the design of full system piping, accessories and gadgets lined with polymers to handle corrosive fluids through Crane-Resistoflex and Xomox Fully Lined products.